Mein Mail an Sergio Bambaren und seine Antwort darauf

Hola Sergio,

Me llamo Sonja y soy de Alemania. Tengo 41 anos. Hace casi 20 anos te escribí un mail de Luxemburgo donde había trabajado en un banco de „Private Banking“ hasta 2017. No sé si te recuerdas. Me habías también contestado con un mail corto.
Había leído „el delfín“. I continue in English because it is easier for me. And in this time I wanted to tell you how my dreams are similar to yours (the dolfin’s dreams)…….As my passion is surfing as well for more than 20 years, I’ve always been dreaming of living one day at the sea somewhere…….Time went by……..Since the moment when I started with surfing I have been a dreamer……every day I dreamt of the waves that were so far away from my hometown Cologne in Germany. At the age of 23 I moved to Luxemburg where I was working until 2017 in the bank. So I only had the time for surfing during my holidays……

And I paddled on rivers like the Rhine, the Mosel in Germany and Luxemburg….above you see the article in the newspaper about my German championship ….surfing without waves…..I won the competition 3 years in a sequence.

Now, almost 15 years later, I read the „dolphin“ once more,……continued with the „white sail“, „Samantha“ and finished by reading almost all of your books.
My husband as well……..he is leader of a private school (Swiss International School) in Stuttgart where we live now vor 2 years and where we moved from Luxemburg.

Before he was teacher in Luxemburg. After 2 years of leading the school he will get rid of it……pressure from everywhere: the owner of the private school, the parents of the pupils, government, general regulations……no way out……now we will start our dream:

We resigned our jobs as of August of this year, we bought a camper like you ………..and in September, our „sabbatical time“ will start……….how long it will be…..nobody knows…..and where we will end…..nobody knows……until now, our work dictated our lives …….now we will change it… our dreams…..

We will start at the French Atlantic Coast near Biarritz…continue en el país Vasco…….the north coast of Spain….and then to portugal……..where we will visit of course your camp ground where you met the dolphin……Camping Guincho……:-)………in winter we will be in the south, Algarve………and then……..vamos a ver…..

It will be our adventure. Next week, we will sell our apartment in Stuttgart, all the stuff and furniture, and we will move in our new camper…..we only take the essential things with us…..our surfboards, our bikes……for moving around…..what a pity that we won’t meet you during your promotional tour to Germany… of October……

All the best and thanks for your inspiration…….Aloha, Surfingsonja

Seine Antwort:

Can I tell you something Sonia? You really broke my heart…but in a good way…The main reason I write i to share with others that there is always a wat to follow your heart, if you are willing to, and finally break the crystal walls of a society that dictates how we should live our lives. I have nothing aginst society, but in a way I never believed in what it taught me. I prefer to listen to my heart, and go with the flow of my own beating drum. I can guarantee you something: I don´t know how long or far you will travel, but no matter what, the memories will stay forever. Not only in photographs, but in your hearts. I can guarantee you something else. If you decide to return to your old way of life, you will never feel the same, because you were never part of it. So spread your wings, my dear friends, and fly toward your dreams. Dream the waves, and ride them, go with the flow of love, be one with the Universe, for many surprises you don´t even imagine now will cross your way. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Write whenever you want, if you want. I will be thinking about you guys: the lucky ones, the ones that learnt to live, rather than exist. the ones who to chose to be, rather than to have. God bless you. Aloha nui!

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